Prestige Leviathan

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Prestige Leviathan

July 27, 2018 Destiny Gaming 0

So my clan has been working on Prestige Leviathan (finally) and we’ve made some awesome progress.  First night we took down the Pleasure Gardens encounter – took some effort, but we got it.  Last night we worked on the Royal Baths and the Gauntlet and we were able to get both done.


Not only that, but we’ve been successful in navigating the underbelly to get from encounter to encounter, with only once having to complete the Castellum prior to grabbing the Calus checkpoint.  I believe we’re going to take a run at Calus this weekend, possibly tomorrow night.


Tonight though, I’ll be helping my clan mates obtain Whisper in the public encounter and then working on shoring up the catalyst.  I know I’m behind with that and it’ll take me a week longer than the rest of the world, but hey, I have the gun and that makes me happy.

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